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A Focus on Wellness: A Shift in Medical Practices to Proactive, Preventative Treatment

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While aging is a natural process, this doesn't mean that all aging has to have a negative effect on one's overall health. Age management medicine is a focus from treating symptoms and reacting to disease, to an effort to prevent maladies during the aging process through proactive measures.The goal is to keep people at optimal health before degenerative changes are caused from the aging process. Although you can't stop aging, you can help promote better health through proactive, preventative treatment designed to increase health and vitality. With a focus on wellness, people can live a longer, healthier life than if they wait until signs of disease begin to show.

Extensive Medical History Exams Are Important

When you see a practitioner of age management medicine, you will first get an extensive medical history taken. Your doctor will want to know about your diet, exercise habits, and about any medical conditions you are already dealing with. Your doctor is also highly likely to order blood work to test your overall health and see if there are any underlying conditions that you are not aware of.

The Right Diet Will Keep You on the Right Track

Once your doctor completes a medical history, they may begin to talk about healthy diet options for you to follow. There may be changes to your current eating plan, even if it well-balanced and healthy. Your doctor may suggest various foods, vitamins, or supplements based on your current health, your age, and your gender. In addition, your doctor will look over you lab work to determine if further changes to your diet are necessary. 

Developing an Exercise Plan Is Proactive Medicine

A solid exercise plan is going to help you reach your maximum health and act as proactive medicine for your future. Weak, or otherwise out of shape bodies heal poorly from injuries. This is an issue with aging, as many people don't remain as active as they get older. To prevent health problems after an injury, it is best to have an exercise plan that keeps you strong and full of energy.

Addressing Current Health Issues

Any chronic or acute health conditions such as an injury, inflammation, or arthritis, will be addressed by your physician. The goal will be to minimize the damage that can be caused from you current medical state and promote your overall wellness through recovery. While you may need long term treatment for an illness or injury, addressing the problem now can help you as you age.

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