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4 Things That Might Be Causing Your Back Pain

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There's not much in the world that is worse than chronic back pain. Many people, especially as they advance in age, suffer from a persistent pain in their back, situated in the lower back or throughout the entirety of the back area. Back pain can be a nebulous phenomenon, and often times you probably have no idea how your back pain started and what is causing the severe pain. Most people are, in fact, unaware of what causes their back pain. This brief article will cover 4 things that are common causes of back pain, and may be why you are suffering from back pain.

Your Shoes

Believe it or not, your shoes can be the source of a great deal of the pain you might experience in the lower back. Your feet sort of act as the foundation for the rest of your body, and without a sound foundation, the upper areas can crumble! If shoes do not adequately support your feet, this can lead to a great deal of pain.

A good sneaker or tennis shoe with a rigid heel tends to work best for supporting the back, and aims to alleviate potential pain that you might experience in the lower back. Flip-flops and sandals should be avoided in terms of long-term use. Women are particularly susceptible to shoe motivated back pain, as high heels do not offer the sort of support that should be required of your shoes.

Muscular Irritation

Muscular irritation is the source of a large deal of pain associated with the upper back. The area where your shoulder blades are attached to muscle can tend to lead to a decent amount of pain associated with the upper back if the muscles are irritated. What does muscular irritation consist of? Although many people tend to think that muscular irritation occurs due to overuse, it is actually due to under use. If the muscles become atrophied in this area, and then are used to some greater degree than what they are usually used to, they tend to become inflamed and swollen, which is generally referred to as "irritation". Generally speaking, a doctor will recommend "conservative treatment" for such phenomenon, which generally consists of light exercise to the build the muscles up to an adequate strength.


Trauma refers to any sort of brute force that has been applied to the body. This can be the source of back pain all throughout the back, but tends to mainly manifest itself around the area of the shoulder blades in the upper back or the central area of the back. Trauma tends to occur due to an abrupt force that is entirely unsuspected. Whiplash in a car, which is generally associated with the neck and clavicle, can also affect the back as well. Usually, physical therapy is recommended in these situations.

Joint Dysfunction

Thoracic joint dysfunction refers to the 12 vertebrae in the spine that consist of the upper and mid area of the spine. Joint dysfunction refers to any malady that affects the spine in this area. This includes chronic diseases or developmental maladies, such as arthritis.

Another type of joint dysfunction is sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The sacroiliac joint supports the spine via the pelvis, and pain from this type of joint dysfunction can also occur if the joint becomes unstable, or if the joints become too rigid. Whenever joint dysfunction becomes a problem, it can become a serious issue for your upper and middle back and lower back. It is recommended that you see a physician or chiropractor as soon as possible if you discover that you are suffering from joint dysfunction.

There are numerous ways that can cause back pain. Hopefully this brief article has given you some idea of what may be the cause of your pain and will help you find some upper, middle and lower back pain relief! For more information on how to treat your back pain, consider checking out a medical site like