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Getting A Facelift Early? Here's How To Ensure That The Transition Is Natural

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Quite a few benefits can be taken advantage of by getting a facelift early, such as the ability to heal faster and the opportunity to actually halt aging. The process isn't too invasive, and you can be back into your active lifestyle within just a couple of days after having your facelift. Your procedure is sure to change your appearance – which of course is the whole point – but you may feel uncomfortable with all the extra attention you get over the changes you have made.

Instead of having to explain the fact that you've had a facelift, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the transition looks natural, so people are more likely to say, "Wow, you look great!" as opposed to wondering what you've done to make yourself look different. Here are a few options to consider:

Change Your Hairstyle

One of the best ways to complement your facelift and maintain a natural transition is to make a change to your hairstyle right after having your procedure and before getting back to your normal life. A new haircut will take some unneeded weight off of your shoulders and provide a new frame for your face, which will take some of the attention away from your facelift.

You'll still get the affects you want from your facelift without the procedure being apparent to friends and family. If you don't have bangs, consider having some cut to rock a completely new look. Getting a perm, an asymmetrical cut, or layers are all great ways to create an updated look.

Update Your Makeup Design

Another interesting way to subtly change your look to coincide with your facelift is to change the way you do your makeup. A change in eyeshadow or lipstick color, eliminating eyeliner, and adding a sheer powder foundation to your face are simple options that can be done without much fuss at home.

Alternatively, consider getting a makeover at your local department store or making an appointment at a salon in your area to have a professional provide you with a new makeup plan to follow. Your service provider will be able to provide you with insight into the best colors and shades to use for your natural complexion that you may not have previously known. This also gives you an excuse to pick up some new makeup to replace your old stuff at home.

Add to Your Wardrobe

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear can help conceal the fact that you've had a facelift, so people can appreciate your overall beauty as opposed to focusing on any procedures you may or may not have had done. Heading to the thrift store to pick up a couple of new scarves will illuminate and frame your face, helping to highlight your subtly updated features. A new blouse or blazer for work will do the trick too, especially if they're in colors that you don't usually wear.

Invest in New Jewelry

Jewelry is a miracle worker when it comes to transforming a look as it adds color, flair, and depth to an outfit. Hoop earrings or those that hang like chandeliers will grab enough attention to make your facelift less conspicuous. Headbands are another excellent accessory option and can help brighten up neutral colored outfits. Short necklaces that sit right below the chin are yet another subtle option that can stand on their own without too much bulk, which is convenient if you are someone who prefers not to wear a lot of jewelry.

These tips and tricks can work wonders when implemented on their own, but mixing and matching their implementations is sure to make you feel like a brand new woman.

Your surgeon will likely also have some suggestions. Contact a professional plastic surgeon, like those at My Plastic Surgery Group, for more information.