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5 Ways To Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy

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While pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time, it can also really take a toll on you, physically and emotionally. With all the changes your body is going through, it's normal to feel uncomfortable, and at times downright miserable. Luckily, there are definitely things you can do to take good care of yourself and make yourself feel much more calm and physically comfortable. Here are five ways to pamper yourself during pregnancy:

Soak Your Feet

As your pregnancy progresses, you will likely experience tender and sore feet and lower legs due to the increased weight they need to carry. Pampering your feet with a nice warm foot soak can help counteract this and make your feet much more comfortable. Adding Epsom salts to the warm water will seriously up the benefits, helping to dramatically reduce pain and swelling. For extra pampering, slather your feet and legs with creamy shea butter lotion and slip into a fuzzy pair of socks after your relaxing foot soak.

Get a Prenatal Massage

Between the stress and anxiety you may be feeling about planning for your baby and your achy muscles and joints, prenatal massage is a wonderful way to treat yourself during pregnancy. Studies have shown many benefits to prenatal massage, including reduced hormonal mood swings, reduced inflammation and swelling, and even fewer birth complications such as low birth weight. Be sure to mention your pregnancy when you make your appointment at a clinic like Health Atlast Fountain Valley, so they can accommodate you as safely as possible.

Have Your House Professionally Cleaned

While hiring a full-time housekeeper may not be in your  budget, it can be a great idea to occasionally splurge on a house cleaning service during pregnancy. This can be especially helpful if early pregnancy morning sickness is keeping you in bed more than you would like or you are close to giving birth and having a hard time managing household chores with your growing belly. Hiring someone to deep clean your house when you're unable to can really lift your spirits and give you one less thing to worry about.

Invest in Quality Undergarments

As your body changes to accommodate your growing baby, you will need to buy a couple of maternity bras as well as maternity underwear. It's a good idea to have yourself fitted for a maternity bra since you will be wearing a different size than normal and wearing the wrong size can be very uncomfortable. Or you can measure yourself at home using this calculator.

Paying a bit extra for maternity undergarments made from soft, high quality fabric is a great way to pamper yourself during pregnancy. After all, many women find their skin becomes more sensitive and prone to itchiness during pregnancy, so having soft, breathable fabric next to your skin can make a big difference in your comfort level.

Consider Going on a "Babymoon"

The idea of a "babymoon" is to spend romantic, quality time with your partner before the baby comes along. Your lives together are about to change significantly, and it can be really meaningful to bond on a getaway beforehand. While a week at an all-inclusive resort on a warm beach might sound enticing, even just staying in a nice hotel in your own city for a night or two can do wonders for your mood and your relationship.

Taking care of yourself during your pregnancy is important for both you and your baby. By incorporating some of these ideas into your pregnancy, you can get ready to welcome your new bundle of joy in as calm and healthy a way as possible.