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Driving You Crazy: Three Small Ways Dealing With Neck Pain While Driving

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Tolerating neck pain can be easier when you are at home when you are able to apply your pain medication and lay in a comfortable position. There are times when you may get major neck pain but you are not able to have the comforts of home. Driving is one of those times where you may be limited in just what you can do to alleviate neck pain once you are on the road. You will also need to move around your neck in order to be able to drive appropriately. Here are three ways to deal with neck pain while you are driving.

Stretch before entering

Before you head out to the parking lot at work or your garage at home, you should perform a few stretches. First, rotate your shoulders back and forth, then rotate your head in a circular motion. This will help to loosen up the tension that you feel in the morning and the evening. Tension is often what causes issues with neck pain while driving. Stretching and deep breathing can provide some neck pain relief that will allow you to enter your car driver's seat in better condition. 

Keep patches inside of the door panel

Inside the space of the driver's door panel, you should keep patches that help to release tension medication. This will allow you to apply a patch as soon as you get inside of your car and get it working as you head out on the road. Many neck pain patches will release the medication almost immediately, making your neck looser as you continue to drive down the road. This may be a necessity after work if you perform a desk job where your head may become stiff. 

Attach a bead neck pillow

On the driver's seat neck, attach a neck pillow that has beads on the inside. The pillows with beads or sand on the inside are easiest as they are completely flexible and moving your neck will be important while looking in your blind spots. Be sure that the pillow is firm enough to allow you to lean your head back on while driving but soft enough so that your shoulders and neck do not feel restricted. when you enter your car, adjust your seat in a position that will allow your body to be alert yet your neck relaxed. Be sure that the neck pillow is attached with a hang tag or other attachment so that it does not fall behind you.