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Do You Struggle To Stand After Resting In Your Easy Chair? A Lift Chair Can Help

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If you have trouble standing up from a seated position due to arthritis or some other medical condition, you might benefit from a lift chair. A lift chair looks like a traditional easy chair or recliner, except it has a mechanical seat that lifts you into a standing position. Here is some information about lift chairs you may find useful.

How Lift Chairs Work

Lift chairs make it easy for you to stand up because they elevate your hips to a standing position. This is done by the seat itself elevating at a slant, or the entire chair may lift and tilt forward. As the chair rises, you plant your feet on the ground so you'll be in a standing position. You can hold onto the chair for support and balance. A lift chair takes the strain away from standing, which is helpful when you have severe back pain or hip arthritis and struggle to stand up.

What To Look For In A Lift Chair

First of all, you want to look for a chair that will be comfortable to sit in since it will probably become your primary seat in your home. Choose a chair with a seat wide enough to comfortably accommodate your hips. Also, make sure the back is the correct height to support your head. In addition, if you choose a recliner, you want one that matches the length of your legs so your feet will be comfortable on the footrest without hanging over. You may need to try different chairs to find one that fits and that feels comfortable. A medical supply store can help you choose the right size based on your body measurements.

Also, consider how you will use the chair. If you plan to stay in the chair most of the day, you may want one with multiple reclining positions. This means the chair should fold out nearly flat so you can nap in it. You can also adjust the head and foot rest to multiple positions so you can sit upright, at a slight recline, or fully flat. Other recliners have an upright and slight reclining position, which is suitable if you only plan to spend a few hours in the chair each day.

Where To Buy A Lift Chair

You can buy a lift chair in various department stores, but if you want a good match for your medical condition, consider buying one from a medical supply company. In addition to providing you with a chair that fits, the company may also be able to rent the chair monthly, as they do with other durable medical equipment. This may be helpful if you can't afford to pay for the chair up front. Also, a medical supply company will work with your insurance to see if you can get help paying for the chair. Although Medicare doesn't pay for the chair itself, they may pay part of the cost if your doctor deems it medically necessary.