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Looking For A Natural Home Remedy For Your Skin? 4 Reasons You Should Reach For The Aloe Vera

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If you don't have Aloe vera lotion in your medicine cabinet, you should. Aloe vera has a wide variety of health benefits for people of all ages. One of the great things about aloe Vera is that you can grow it in your own home and add it to any type of lotion. You can even add a small amount of the aloe Vera gel to olive oil and apply it to your skin that way. If you don't want to grow it at home, some places--like Forever Living Products--even make their own lotions that you can try. Here are four reasons why you should keep Aloe vera lotion or gel on hand.

It Fights Inflammation

If you've ever gotten a razor burn or developed a rash, you know how uncomfortable the inflammation can be. Aloe vera will fight the inflammation that's associated with many different types of skin irritations. It will also reduce the redness so that your skin can heal.

It Restores Skin Health

As you age, your body produces less collagen, which is a protein that keeps your skin looking and feeling young. As a result of the lost collagen, your skin will lose its elasticity, and you'll begin to notice the tale-tell signs of aging, including sagging, wrinkled skin. Applying a lotion or cream that contains Aloe vera can reduce the signs of aging and restore the youthful appearance of your skin. Simply wash your face twice a day – morning and night – and rub the Aloe vera into your skin.

It's Antibacterial

If you've got kids, you know how often they get cuts and scrapes. If those cuts and scrapes aren't kept clean, they can develop a nasty infection. Aloe vera is antibacterial, which means it will kill the bacteria that can delay the healing process and cause infections. As soon as your child is injured, wash the wound and apply a layer of Aloe Vera. If you've gotten a cut, or scrape, you can use it for yourself too.

It Gently Removes Makeup

If you use makeup removers, you know how dry they can make your skin feel. To get your face clean without the use of harsh makeup removers, reach for your Aloe vera lotion. Aloe vera is a natural way to remove makeup without drying your skin out. Simply apply the lotion to your face and then wipe it away with a soft cloth. One of the great things about using Aloe Vera as a makeup remover is that you can use it on your entire face, including the area around your eyes.