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Several Important Questions About Arthritis Answered

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There are many degenerative conditions that people may find that they develop as they age. Arthritis is one of the more commonly encountered chronic health problems that people will experience. But despite being a common condition, it is very often poorly understood by those that may be at a high risk of developing it.

What Causes A Person To Develop Arthritis?

At its core, arthritis is a condition that causes intense and painful inflammation of the joints. As this condition develops and worsens, the cartilage in the joint will start to degrade, which can lead to bones grinding against each other. This condition can be a natural part of the aging process as the body's regenerative abilities weaken, the cartilage in the joints may start to thin.

While people will often association arthritis with elderly individuals, it is possible for adults of any age to develop this condition. For example, it can be possible for sports-related or repetitive stress injuries to result in the development of arthritis.

What Happens If Arthritis Is Not Treated?

Unfortunately, there are patients that will frequently be hesitant about seeking treatment for arthritis. Often, these individuals will be under the impression that arthritis can not be treated. By delaying seeking treatment, these patients may inadvertently allow their condition to greatly worsen. Eventually, it may be possible for a person to lose the use of their arthritis joint if the inflammation is not effectively managed.

Because arthritis gets more difficult to treat as time progresses, individuals are advised to seek an evaluation whenever they notice the early warning signs of arthritis. In particular, these will include noticeable swelling of the joints, limited movement, and intense pain.

What Should You Expect From Your Arthritis Treatments?

The intensity of the treatment regimen that will be needed to manage your arthritis will largely be determined by the seriousness of the joint damage and inflammation. When you seek treatment while the arthritis is still in the earlier stages, you may be able to manage the symptoms by taking anti-inflammatory medications and undergoing physical therapy. In situations where arthritis has caused severe damage to the point, it may be necessary to undergo surgery.

This surgery can be necessary to remove scar tissue that may have accumulated in the joint. Also, it can be possible to perform a cartilage transplant to help restore the natural padding in the joint. These surgical procedures can be rather intimidating, but finding relief from the discomfort and limitations that come from arthritis can be worth the inconvenience and discomfort caused by these procedures.

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