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Procedures Every Cosmetic Surgical Patient Should Understand

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As cosmetic surgery has become more accessible and affordable, the term "facelift" has become a very generic term. This can be misleading to those who are considering having some type of cosmetic procedure. In fact, there are actually scores of surgical and non-surgical options that may give patients a more youthful appearance. If you are considering a cosmetic medical procedure, the following information can help you decide which one is best for you. 


According to recent statistics, more than 131,000 patients opted for some type of facelift procedure in 2016, and the trend continues to grow. This statistic includes a variety of procedures, including: 

  • deep plane lifts - a procedure that involves altering the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) and is considered an extensive, and long-lasting procedure
  • SMAS lift - a more superficial form of the deep plane lift using incisions at the temple or hairline
  • endoscopic facelift - a much less invasive facelift procedure that utilizes an endoscope and can often be done on an outpatient basis

In addition to these common facelift procedures, cosmetic surgeons are able to create a unique surgical plan designed for the actual needs and desired outcomes of each patient. 


More than 775,000 patients choose microdermabrasion in 2016 for their cosmetic care needs. A non-invasive procedure, microdermabrasion can improve the appearance of the skin by removing a layer of dead skin and revealing healthy, skin underneath. Some improvement in the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation issues may also be achieved through this procedure. 


Popular as a cosmetic enhancement procedure for several decades, Botox injections have become even more common in recent years as advanced formulas and procedures have been developed. In addition to improving the texture and firmness of the skin, Botox can be used to treat patients who experience excessive perspiration and other issues. 

While sometimes referred to as a cosmetic filler, Botox does not actually fit that definition. A bacterial compound, Botox changes the way nerves and muscles interact, effectively diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and helping patients with many other cosmetic issues, as well. 

To learn more about the wide variety of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical options currently available, start by making an appointment to discuss your needs with a reputable cosmetic surgeon in your area. Doing this will ensure that you receive advice that is truly tailored to your individual issues and offers the surgeon the best opportunity to understand any particular health risks or care needs that may be involved.