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3 Reasons Why It's Harder To Lose Weight In Middle Age

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Being middle aged doesn't automatically mean you're going to gain weight, but many people blame aging for their weight problems. Though your body does change as you get older, it doesn't mean that you can't lose weight or get into shape. Some of the reasons for weight gain revolve around lifestyle issues, while others have to do with physical health issues. Here are three possible reasons why you may be gaining weight at middle age.

You've Stopped Exercising

Chances are, with increasing family and work obligations, that you've either stopped exercising or cut way back on your routine. You may have felt too tired to work out or you've had a lot of difficulty trying to fit in the time to do it and felt that stopping was just easier. If that hasn't happened, then maybe you've been doing the same exercise routine since you were in your 20s, and what worked then may not be working now. People who are middle-aged and older tend to lose muscle quickly, so that means more focus on weight and strength training rather than cardio.

You Still Eat the Same as When You Were Younger

Because middle-aged people lose muscle, their metabolism changes. However, unless you've been really conscious about your diet and calorie intake your whole life, you may still be eating like you did when you were younger. This likely means that you're eating too much for your metabolism even though you've never had a problem with eating that same amount before. Plus, as a middle-aged person, you may want to focus more on protein sources rather than carbohydrates to help you retain muscle.

Your Hormones are Out-of-Whack

When you reach middle-age, your hormones begin to change and that changes the way you metabolize your food. Hormone changes happen to men as well as women. For women, going through menopause with its fluctuating hormone levels can make it extremely difficult to lose weight even if you are doing everything else right. Both men and women can have thyroid, adrenal and insulin imbalances which make dieting and exercising challenging. If you've been having a serious problem losing weight despite diligently dieting and exercising, have your hormones tested to see if they are the core of the problem.

If you suspect that one or all of these issues are causing your weight gain or making it harder to lose weight, and you don't where to start to fix the problem, then you may want to see what a weight loss clinic can do for you. Weight loss clinics, such as BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center, have the advantage in that they work with you as an individual to tailor a plan to your lifestyle and medical issues.