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How to Recover Quickly After Eye Surgery

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A cosmetic eyelid surgery might seem intimidating, but in the hands of a competent plastic surgeon, the treatment will be surprisingly easy. The last obstacle after your surgery is to recover, and there are many things you can do to make your recovery process go much better.

Staying in the Hospital

After you undergo a cosmetic eye surgery, you will either stay at the hospital or return home. The option that your surgeon chooses is based on your individual circumstances. Also, your preferences will affect whether or not you will stay in the hospital.

Taking Treatments for Redness and Swelling

You might experience redness and swelling around your eyes. Fortunately, your surgeon can provide you with an ointment that can alleviate any redness or swelling that you are experiencing. You may also be provided with an oral medication, which are designed to reduce the risk of an infection. Make sure to take the medication based on the instructions of your surgeon. If you are still suffering from swelling and redness, cold compresses can help reduce swelling. You may also experience irritation at the site of the incision.

Your physician will likely prescribe medications for the pain you are suffering from. He or she will also recommend over-the-counter medications. Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications.

Resuming Normal Activities

You might experience temporary blurry vision. You may also experience a temporary sensitivity to light. Your eyes might dry out, and you may need to use eye drops. Try to avoid engaging in activities that can dry out your eyes. For example, do not spend too much time reading or watching TV, especially at night.

After a couple of days, your doctor will remove the stitches. After about a week, you will typically feel well enough to resume normal activities. However, you may want to wear dark sunglasses that can protect your eyes from sunlight and wind. If you would like to engage in more physical activity, you should consult with your physician. You will want to avoid activities that could increase the blood flow to your eyes. However, when you engage in light activity, this can actually help speed up your healing.

You should refrain from wearing eye makeup until one to two weeks have passed. You are best off wearing eyeglasses rather than putting your contacts in until you have fully recovered. But your recovery will not take forever, and you will eventually be able to return to your normal life.

​Consult with a cosmetic eyelid surgeon, such as the Center for Oral & Facial Surgery of Memphis PLLC, for more information about how you can prepare for surgery and how to cope with it afterward.