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See Your Eye Doctor For A Contact Lens Examination So You Can Wear Your Glasses Less Often

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There are good reasons to try contact lenses. Your glasses may bother you when you play sports, or you just may be tired of wearing glasses every day. Whether you've been wearing glasses for years or just got your first pair, it's never too soon or too late to talk to your eye doctor about contact lenses. Here are some things to know about contacts.

You Can't Use The Same Prescription As Your Glasses

When you have a prescription for glasses, you can buy the glasses anywhere, but you can't get contact lenses with the same prescription. Instead, you'll need to see your eye doctor and have an exam specifically for contacts. That's because the contacts have to fit your eyes perfectly so they're comfortable and a prescription for contacts contains many specifics such as the curve of the contact, color, and type of lens.

This information isn't included for glasses. However, just like glasses, once you have your prescription, you can buy the contacts from your doctor or anywhere else that sells them.

The Contacts Are Matched To Your Eye Condition

Contacts can correct many vision problems, so they are suitable in most instances as long as your eyes are healthy. If you have an eye disease or condition such as dry eyes, your choice in contacts may be limited. If your eyes are healthy, then you might be able to choose from a variety of lenses such as extended wear, disposable, soft, or hard.

Your doctor performs a thorough eye exam when you go for your contact lens appointment. The exam does things like map the shape of your eye and the doctor also examines your eyes for any signs of potential health problems. With this information to use as guidance, the eye doctor can tell if you're a suitable candidate for contact lenses and what kind are appropriate for you. So, while you may want extended lenses you can leave in overnight, your eye doctor may recommend you choose another type of lens to keep your eyes healthy.

You Can Change Your Eye Color Too

One fun thing about wearing contacts is that you can change the color of your eyes. If you've always wanted blue eyes, the doctor can prescribe lenses that make your eyes a lovely shade of blue. You can choose contacts that make your natural color more dramatic or you can buy opaque lenses that change your eye color completely.

When you visit the doctor for contact lenses, you'll be instructed on how to put them in, take them out, and care for them to avoid infections. When you leave the office, you'll know how to use the lenses and you'll be ready to enjoy life without the bother of glasses.