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Constant Nosebleeds – Putting A Stop To Consistent Pediatric Nosebleeds

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Does your son or daughter suffer from random nosebleeds that are occurring more and more often? Do they happen more when at home or while out and about? Have you tried everything that you can think of to put a stop to the bleeding? Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help you identify the issue and put a stop to those endless, inconvenient, and embarrassing nosebleeds.

Patch Testing

Allergies could actually be contributing to the nosebleeds, but if you don't know what your kid is allergic to, you won't be able to eliminate that element from their life and make things better. Having a patch test performed at an allergy testing center like Allergy Asthma Specialists is the fastest and easiest way to learn what a person is allergic to.

Once the test is complete, you'll be able to see what caused a reaction, and the allergist will help you create a list of things to avoid to eliminate allergy symptoms each day.

Dry Air

With fall and winter comes drier air. This dry air could be another contributing factor. When the air that is taken in through the nose is dry, it dries the skin inside the nose. This can lead to cracking and eventually exposed blood vessels. Once the vessels are exposed, it just takes the bump of a tissue to trigger a bleed.

Try spraying nasal saline mist up both nostrils several times each day. This will keep the nasal cavities nice and damp and should help prevent future cracking so that the tissue can heal.


Some ENT doctors will quickly cauterize the blood vessel inside the nose that's causing the bleeds right there in the office. It only takes a minute and doesn't require anything more than some padded gauze up the nose when it's all over.

Unfortunately, some vessels are so exposed and damaged that this style of cauterization will not work – it will need to be done surgically. When surgical cauterization is needed, your kid will be sedated, and when he or she wakes up, everything will be taken care of. A couple of hours without food, and your kid will be good to go.

You will have to work with a number of doctors to find the cause of the nosebleeds. Just keep on trying – eventually, something will show up in one of the tests, or the tissues will heal and the bleeds will just stop. Hopefully this happens sooner, rather than later.