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5 Important Qualities To Look For In A Pediatrician

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Choosing a pediatrician is always a major challenge for most people. While there are many practitioners in this field, not everyone is perfectly suited for the job. When you make your first visit to a pediatric facility, there are several qualities you should look for when choosing the person who will be handling your child's health.

Here are five attributes that a great pediatrician should possess.

1. Patience

As a parent, you already know that working with children is never an easy task. One needs to be patient. Therefore, a good pediatrician should be patient and non-judgmental.

A good pediatrician should have the capacity to tolerate cries and other childish behaviors without getting annoyed. Children don't like injections, and administering one to them can be a real struggle. A doctor who lacks patience may mishandle the child, giving them iatrophobia.

2. Personal Interaction

Communication is vital when handling children. Since most of them are anxious and fearful, they need a pediatrician who will communicate in a warm and friendly manner to make them feel comfortable.

You also need someone who can openly communicate with you about your child's health. A good pediatrician should master the art of communication, especially when addressing sensitive topics, such as a child's personal hygiene or childhood obesity.

3. Trustworthy

How many people can you trust with your child? Before you can let someone handle your child's health, you need to trust them first. You need someone who is truthful at all times about your child's condition.

Trustworthy pediatricians are typically authentic, likable, humble, and easy to talk to. You can trust their diagnosis and treatment plans. More importantly, you can leave the doctor with your child without fear that something bad might happen to them.

4. Empathy

Being empathetic is a critical competency for any pediatrician. Children will feel more comfortable with people who show them compassion. In this context, you need someone who will understand and share your child's feelings.

When there is empathy, kids feel safe and valued. When you make your first visit, be keen to assess the pediatrician's emotional responsiveness. In other words, how well do they understand you and your child's feelings?

5. Competence

You can't trust a quack to handle your child's health. Take time and do your research about pediatricians in your area. Focus more on their credentials and experience. Parents should always determine if a pediatrician has completed the relevant training and if they are board-certified.

Like other physicians, pediatricians must possess basic personality qualities. They should be honest, should be great communicators, and should possess a great deal of compassion. After making the first visit to a pediatric facility, be keen to observe the above qualities.

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