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Why Choose The Abortion Pill?

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Unwanted pregnancies can occur for a variety of reasons. They can result from carelessness, birth control failure, or simple chance. Fortunately, there are many options available to women who would like to terminate their pregnancies. Primarily, women have the option of choosing between medical and surgical abortions. A medical abortion utilizes medication to induce a miscarriage. This medication is sometimes called an abortion pill. Here are four reasons that people seeking abortions should consider taking the abortion pill:

1. Avoid the complications of sedation and anesthesia.

Surgical abortions are performed manually by trained doctors. Before the procedure begins, women are given sedatives or general anesthesia. However, there is always a risk of complications whenever anesthesia is used. Abortion pills allow women to avoid the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery.

2. Take advantage of a non-invasive procedure.

Some women choose to avoid surgical abortions because they do not want to undergo an invasive medical procedure. Abortion pills can be prescribed after a simple doctor's appointment and may not require a pelvic exam. Abortion pills are designed to induce miscarriages in pregnant women, who can undergo the non-invasive process wherever they feel the most comfortable. After women take the medication, they can relax in a comfortable environment while their bodies pass fetal tissue and uterine lining naturally. Most women will experience their medical abortions as a particularly heavy menstrual period. 

3. Undergo the abortion procedure in the privacy of your home.

Abortion is a safe and legal procedure. Unfortunately, there is a considerable stigma surrounding this medical procedure in many communities. For this reason, many women choose to be as private as possible during the process. Women can obtain abortion pills from their OB-GYN doctors. Doctors will send them home with instructions, which women can follow in the safety and privacy of their homes. Many women find the familiarity and security of their homes to be of great comfort during this experience.

4. Receive the follow-up care you need.

While abortion pills are typically taken at home, women are given medical support throughout the process. Women should feel free to contact their doctors at any time with questions about the abortion process. Doctors can assure patients that their experiences are normal or ask them to come in for an exam if necessary. Following the termination of their pregnancies, women should return to their gynecologists for follow-up appointments. Follow-up appointments are designed to ensure that the medical abortion was successful.