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Free And Rental Pump Programs

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Breast pumps allow you to maintain your milk supply and prepare surplus milk to be used for feedings that take place when your baby is being cared for by someone other than you. Manual and electric breast pumps benefit new mothers who are not always able to breastfeed on demand and those who have had difficulty establishing or maintaining their milk supply. However, even if your circumstances allow you to breastfeed regularly, you may want to consider getting a breast pump f

However, the cost of a breast pump may not fit well into your budget, especially when you also consider the other costs that come along with having a new baby. Fortunately, if you are due to give birth, your insurance provider may cover the cost of a pump or rental equipment.

Covered Pump Products

If you have an insurance policy that covers the cost of a free breast pump, it may allow you to receive one free pump during each of your pregnancies. Depending on your policy, a deductible may need to be met, prior to you becoming eligible for a free product.

Pump products that are covered through your insurance plan may include hospital-grade equipment that features a single or double pumping action. A list of pump manufacturers and pump suppliers that you can get for free should be furnished by your insurance provider.

Covered Rental Equipment

Some insurance companies will cover the costs of renting, rather than purchasing, pumping equipment. However, even if your insurance provider doesn't offer a free pump program, you may still be eligible for a discounted or free pump rental. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about the available incentives for new mothers. Your provider will let you know where you can reserve a pump from, the type of pump that is covered, and the length of time that you will be able to keep rental equipment.

Your insurance company may require a prescription, prior to approving a free pump rental. You'll need to get the prescription for a pump from your primary physician.

After you've got the prescription, the ordering process will involve contacting a pump rental company and choosing products that your insurance policy covers. While your insurance company may refer you to certain suppliers that carry their recommended products, independent suppliers and big block stores may also feature pumps that are covered by your insurance plan.

The list of approved products may feature different pump styles. If this will be your first time using a pump, familiarize yourself with the different approved pump models. For example, manual and electric pumps that come with a case can be used at home or while traveling, and some of the electric models will also contain a battery backup. The backup feature will allow you to continue pumping when you do not have access to electricity.

Get Your Pump Now

Your insurance provider may allow you to order your pump several weeks before your baby is born, and the approval process will take a little time, so don't be afraid to get started on the approval process well before your due date. If you are interested in learning more about getting a free breast pump, contact your insurance provider or check out a pump supplier's educational materials, like thoise provided by Yummy Mummy