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How Do Recreational Dispensaries Differ From Medical Dispensaries?

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Marijuana has recently been legalized for recreational use in a number of states. In many of these states, it was previously legalized for medical use. So, one result of this change is a number of recreational dispensaries popping up. These recreational dispensaries specialize in selling cannabis for recreational use, rather than for medical use. But how do recreational dispensaries actually differ from medical ones? Here are a few of the key differences.

Different Strains

Recreational dispensaries tend to carry different strains of cannabis than medical ones. They'll focus on strains that have mood-enhancing properties that can uplift or relax you. Medical dispensaries, on the other hand, tend to stock strains that are good for ailments like pain and depression. This is not to say you can't get pain relief from any of the cannabis being sold in recreational dispensaries. But those properties won't be the key reasons the recreational dispensary stocks the strains it stocks.

More Devices

People who use cannabis for fun tend to be more interested in various devices for smoking and in various paraphernalia. So, recreational dispensaries tend to carry more of these items. You might find everything from colorful bubblers to unique rolling papers. While medical dispensaries tend to stock products that make using cannabis easier, recreational dispensaries stock products that make using cannabis more fun.

Creative Products

At a recreational dispensary, you are more likely to find creative, modern cannabis products. THC-infused sodas, cannabis gum, various candies — these are items that people tend to seek out when using cannabis for fun, so it only makes sense that a recreational dispensary would stock them. If you're after the latest and greatest in the industry, then you'll want to visit a recreational dispensary often and explore their newest additions.

Different Staff Education

The budtenders at a medical dispensary tend to know a lot about using cannabis for healing. They can recommend the best strains for various ailments and give you advice for integrating cannabis into your life and medical care. Budtenders at a recreational dispensary tend to have a different base of education. They know more about what strains make you feel a certain way, how to make cannabis more fun, and what products work best in various entertainment settings.

Recreational and medical dispensaries both sell cannabis products. However, the two types of dispensaries do tend to differ in their product selections and the approach of employees.