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What Are The Symptoms Of Mental Illness?

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If you are thinking about seeing a psychiatrist, it is important that you consider the symptoms you are experiencing. Your symptoms may be indicative of the kind of mental illness you may be diagnosed with, but you likely need a bit more assistance before you can receive a diagnosis.

These are some of the symptoms you may want to discuss with your psychiatrist.

Sleep Changes

Many different changes can impact your ability to get enough sleep. For example, many people suffer from poor sleep quality so they wake up throughout the night. Other times, they are unable to fall asleep in the first place. Some people spend too much time sleeping during the day, so they are unable to fall asleep when they need to each night.

Suicidal Thoughts

Contrary to what many people believe, those who talk about suicide often do die by suicide. It is important that anybody who experiences suicidal thoughts or ideation speak with a professional to ensure that they receive psychiatric care.

Eating or Drinking Issues

Do you suddenly find yourself bingeing on food? What about binge drinking? If you suddenly experience an urge to eat or drink incessantly, you should consider getting some professional help. This could be indicative that you are using food or drink to satisfy certain feelings that need to be addressed.

Worry or Fixation

If you feel as if you are in a constant state of worry or you are fixated on a specific idea or fear, the problem may be more than the average anxiety some people experience. You may need some extra assistance from a mental health professional.

Irritability or Anger

Often, anger is indicative of something else. If you have other feelings that you want to explore, it is important that you speak with a professional. Your anger could be a sign that you are trying to compensate for some other feeling.

Recent Life Changes

If you have gone through a variety of life changes, it is important that you consider your current wellbeing. If positive life changes, including a new job or a new child, can change your state of mind. It is important that you make your appointment to discuss the impact of those changes on your life.

See a Psychiatrist To Check Out Your Symptoms

If you are ready to see a professional to discuss these symptoms, it's important that you come with an open mind. Schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist today to receive a diagnosis.