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3 Things You May Not Know Botox Is Used For

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Botox is commonly thought of as just being a cosmetic solution, but that's simply not true. While it's true that Botox can be very useful for improving your appearance and making your skin look younger for longer, that's hardly the only thing that it's used for. These are three more medical applications that Botox works wonderfully for.

Muscle Twitching

As you probably know, Botox is used in the industry for its ability to relax and still muscles. For cosmetic purposes, this lessens the appearance of wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming. However, it can also be used with muscles that are overactive for no good reason.

Many people struggle with muscle tics that are a byproduct of stress, anxiety, or another medical condition. Having your eyelid, face, or neck twitch while you're trying to get through your day can be embarrassing and difficult. Botox helps those muscles to stop moving around so that the twitching goes away. Once it's gone, if stress is the culprit, you can work on bringing down your stress without being pestered by the twitching at the same time.

Visible Gums

There are a lot of facets to a perfect smile. Healthy, straight, and white teeth play a big role, but so do your gums. Being able to see a lot of visible gum tissue when you smile is often considered to be unattractive, but if your mouth is built that way, it's hard to avoid. Keeping your lips together while smiling is an option, but not necessarily a good one.

Botox can help with this, too. By reducing the amount of movement that the muscles in the upper lip, the upper lip won't recede as far during a toothy smile, hiding the gums without having to think about it.

Cold Hands

Cold hands are a common problem for many people, and they often have to do with poor circulation. For these people, Botox is a potential option. It helps to relax the muscles that are pushing on the blood vessels and capillaries in the hand, preventing blood from flowing as effectively in these areas. By relaxing the muscles, blood can flow more freely, and your hands will feel warmer.

Botox continues to be a popular choice in cosmetic applications, but over the years, doctors have found a lot of other helpful ways to use it, too. If you have one of these problems or another muscle issue that you're thinking Botox may help, contact a doctor or local clinic (for example, Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC) to learn more.